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Are you looking for models in Geneva and surroundings? Find what you are searching for in our database, which holds more than 4.000 female and male models.

It does not matter if you are searching for best ager, plus size, male or female models, our Genevan agency presents a versatile database of e.g. fitting-, runway- or photo models to support your modelling jobs.


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Are you looking for Models in Geneva and surroundings?

The Model Agency Geneva does not only offer classical modelling jobs. It does not matter if you are looking for Fitness, Tattoo, Plus Size or Best Ager Models, we present you with the right faces for every occasion and campaign. Our extensive repertoire of over 4,000 female and male models also includes international models.

Model Agency Geneva
The Model Agency Geneva is active in Geneve, Basle, Berne and Zurich, among others, but we also represent models in Germany and Austria. We also support you as an Influencer Agency.

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Influencer Agency Geneva – Success through Social Media

Influencer Agency Geneva

Nowadays we encounter an enormous number of marketing messages and advertisements each day, which has led to our attention continuously becoming harder to reach. Therefore, getting the potential consumer to notice your product or service is harder now than it has ever been before! The solution: Social Media Influencers can accumulate a huge following on Social Media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Those networks empower the influencers to gain a direct connection to their following and win over potential customers. You can gain an advantage by profiting of the online personality of those influencers and of their fans. We are also able to organize Micro Influencer Campaigns, which rely upon the Influencing stars of tomorrow- channels and personalities that already possess a moderate following, which has yet to reach the level of the top influencers. Because of the moderate number of followers in comparison to the influencing giants, the Micro Influencers are able to connect to their fans on a way deeper and stronger way. Their efforts to make their following grow, also often lead to a way more interactive connection between them and their followers. Are you interested in cooperating with our Micro Influencers on your products and campaigns and gain advantages through their reach and following?


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Are you interested in a part-time job as an Influencer?

Do you have what it takes to become a Social Media Influencer? If you got a large community and are in contact with it via YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Co. and it is your passion to share your ideas and creativity with them, we are the right agency for you! As the Influencer Agency Geneva, we support you in making your dream of an influencer lifestyle come true. We offer you the chance to act as a testimonial for the campaigns of our customers in Switzerland, Austria and Germany and to present innovative and practical products to your followers.

Do you recognize yourself here? Apply now as an influencer and turn your passion into a career!

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Are you looking for a Model Job in Geneva? Here’s your chance!

Have you always wanted to make a living as a model? Have you always wondered: “How do I become a model in Geneva?” – Then make your dream come true! Do you have an open and self-confident personality? Do you appear charismatic, well-groomed and attractive? Do feel confident in your body and do you like being the center of attention? If so, the Geneva Model Agency is the right place for you! We are always looking for new, talented faces for our clients’ campaigns or products! Whether you want to become a classic model, a plus size model, best ager, tattoo or fitness model, we support you in your dream!

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Geneva – „city of peace“

The „smallest of big cities“ is located at the south-western end of French-speaking Switzerland and, with a population of almost 200,000, is the second largest city in Switzerland next to Zurich. The Swiss metropole is called the “city of peace” because it is home to the European headquarters of the United Nations as well as to about 20 international governmental organizations and over 160 state missions. However, Geneva is not only a center for international and European politics, it is also of great importance in the economic sector. The financial sector, in particular, plays an important role, because of the hundred or so foreign banks, located in Geneva. With regards to cultural aspects, Geneva can boast almost thirty venues, a network of municipal libraries and eleven museums. One of Geneva’s most famous attractions is the flower clock on the Promenade du Lac. It consists of a number of flowerbeds in between which the clockwork is located. Fashion lovers will find what they are looking for in Geneva`s many shopping centres and fashion boutiques, where the extra income from a modelling job comes in handy! All these factors make Geneva and the surrounding area a sought-after hotspot and ensure regular requests for modeling jobs at our agency.

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