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Are you interested in models from Berne and the surrounding area for your advertising campaign or your social media presence? Thanks to the extensive database of the Model Agency Berne, you will find interesting and individual faces for your model jobs!

Are you looking for plus size, best ager, fitness or tattoo models? No matter wether you are searching for female or male models, with our agency you are going to find what you are looking for!


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What does the Model Agency Berne have to offer?

We provide you with the right model for every occasion. The Model Agency Berne is interested in finding individuality and uniqueness. So whether you are looking for Tattoo Models, Fitness Models, Plus Size or Best Ager Models to add to your campaign or your product launch in Berne and surroundings, naturally we are happy to help! Our database holds more than 4,000 female and male models. However, that is not all! We also offer our services as the Influencer Marketing Agency Berne to take your online presence to the next level and to let you benefit by the reach and influence of our testimonials.

Model Agency Berne
Due to the wide reach of our agency, we are constantly adding more unique faces and personalities to our database. We are not only active in Switzerland, e.g. in Berne, Zurich, Geneva or Basle. We also provide our services in Germany and Austria.

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Find the right Influencer for your cause in Berne!

Influencer Agency Berne

Internet, smartphone and Co. offer advertisers innovative and effective ways to reach their potential customers and convince them of their products and services. Of course, however, these new paths no longer are uncharted, since the customer's attention is contested for more fiercely than ever before, which leads to the customers being more suspicious and less receptive. Social Media Influencers, who have earned a great following through their content on social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., offer a successful solution, a direct path to the potential consumer! Our testimonial’s fans follow their activities and posts on the social networks on a daily basis. As the Influencer Marketing Agency Berne, we enable you to profit from the reach and following of the stars! Our testimonials arouse the interest of their fans for your products or services and new potential customer markets open up quickly and cost-effectively to your benefit! We get you in touch with one of our micro influencers, who are in possession of a moderate following that is not as big as the following of the big social media stars, but which is characterized by an especially intense, interactive and trusting relationship. Are you interested in benefiting from our testimonials?


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Do you have a following in social media? Did you always dream of earning extra money as an Instagram influencer? If you can inspire your fans with your content and you maintain a lively and constant contact to them via social media, this dream can become a reality! Take the first step and start with us as a testimonial!

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Hit the ground running as a model in Berne and surroundings!

Can you imagine starting your own modeling career? If you do not have a problem with being the center of attention, you have an open and self-confident attitude and if you also pay attention to a cultivated and attractive appearance, you are in good hands with the Model Agency Berne. From Best Ager, Plus Size or Tattoo Model to Fitness Model, our agency places value on a broad and differentiated range of interesting faces and characters. So do not ask yourself: "How do I make it as a model in Bern?", any longer! Get in contact with the Model Agency Bern and start your career!

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We are not only active in Switzerland, e.g. in Berne, Zurich, Geneva and Basle. We also work on inquiries from Austria or Switzerland and look forward to receiving your application!

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Berne – “Gateway to the Alps”

Rarely do history and contemporary events meet in a way as strong and beautiful as in Berne, the "gateway to the Alps". The capital, with a population of around 130,000, in the heart of Switzerland attracts visitors with its historic old town of Berne - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Berne is Switzerland's seat of government, which is why visitors can marvel at the Federal Palace and possibly cross the paths of swiss government members in the historic streets. Shopping enthusiasts are going to love the Lauben, the three-mile-long arcades that belong to the longest weather-protected shopping promenades in the world. Events such as the Bernese Jazz Festival or the Gurten Festival on Berne's “Hausberg” offer first-class musical entertainment and make the heart of every culture enthusiast beat faster! The medieval atmosphere of the city with its fountains, alleys and historic towers invites you to take a stroll and certainly offers the right motif for your next photo shoot!

Are you interested? Waste no time and leave us a message!

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